Deadpool Prowling Panther

Lil Deadpool: Code Name Prowling Panther

Lil Deadpool Super Duper Secret Asgardian intelligence Excursion Codename: Prowling Panther Let me level with you guys, I’m really bad at keeping secrets. I keep a dream journal. Dr. McCoy…

Deadpool Frightful Night

Lil Deadpool: A frightful night in Lil Deadpool’s head

Li’l Deadpool Diary Adventure Parody A Frightful Night in Lil-Deadpool’s Head Dear Dr. McCoy I know you sent your cease a desist letters but I feel a better, more accurate…

Deadpool Ego and Pants Size

Lil Deadpool: This Universe isn’t big enough for my ego and your pants size

Li’l Deadpool Diary Adventure Parody This Universe isn’t Big enough for my Ego and your Pants Size So, if you don’t remember me meeting the Silver Surfer just recently, that’s…

Deadpool Two Cueballs

Lil Deadpool: Two cueballs and a surfboard

Li’l Deadpool Diary Adventure Parody Two Cue Balls and a Surf Board There are moments in every man’s life when they are looking into the mirror at the gym and…

Deadpool Knock Knock

Lil Deadpool: Knock,Knock, Bang, Bang

Lil Deadpool’s Diary Adventure Parody Knock, Knock, Bang Who’s this long faced fellow? Frank, Frank Castle. He’s a Pisces, who probably murdered his other personality. Not gonna lie I wish…