Zia Comics offers a subscription service to help you get the comics you want. While we do try to stock enough comic books and graphic novels every week to meet demand, occasionally we do experience sell-outs on certain titles.

Joining our subscription service will ensure that you get the comic books and graphic novels that you are looking for. The subscription service is free of charge, there is no minimum number of titles, and all comics are bagged/boarded as a complimentary service.

Pick up your subscribed comics at your leisure rather than scrambling to make it on New Comic Book Day.

To start a subscription with Zia Comics requires a signed Credit Card Authorization Agreement. Your credit card information is kept locked safely away. Your card is charged ONLY if you don’t pick up your items for 4 weeks. If after four weeks you still haven’t picked up the items you ordered your subscription will be cancelled and the credit card on file will be charged the full retail amount of the items plus any applicable sales tax.

We will bundle your items together with the receipt and set them aside until you pick them up. If the credit card on file is declined we will empty your folder, put the items you ordered out for sale, and cancel your subscription.

You will also need to specify the titles for which you wish to have a subscription. Be warned, if it’s on your Pull List and we hold it for you, you are required to purchase it. We will hold the EXACT titles you put on your Pull List. If you put down Batman we will hold Batman for you. We won’t hold Detective Comics, Gotham Knights, etc. unless you specifically ask for it. You can modify your Pull List at any time.