Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four returning to Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics decided to cancel the Fantastic Four back in 2015. As a result of the Secret Wars story-line Marvel’s first family is torn asunder. A phenomena known as incursions…

hulk wolverine statue

Marvel Hulk and Wolverine Maquette by SideShow Unboxing

Two of Marvel’s most popular characters are the Incredible Hulk and Wolverine. Most avid comic book people know the first full appearance of Wolverine was in The Incredible Hulk #181…

Marvel Fresh Start

Marvel Comics Fresh Start Initiative

Marvel Comics is back at it again. The Fresh Start Initiative will have them relaunching with a series of new #1 titles. If this sounds familiar to you, that is…

Red Goblin

Marvel Comics has a new villain named Red Goblin

Two of Marvel’s most dangerous Spider-man villains are Norman Osborn and the Carnage symbiote. Now try to imagine if both of those were merged. Ka-Blooey! mind blown! Norman has been…

Black Panther

Marvel Comics Black Panther movie review

Black Panther is one of those characters that most people know about, but they don’t know his back story. This movie gave you enough of his origin story along with…