Talking Table Top Gateway Games

This week Danny & Trevor go over their top five lists of Gateway Games. There is some debate as to what qualifies a game to be in this category. The…

Talking Table Top Versus Games

Talking Table Top Versus Games

Talking Table Top Versus/Non-Cooperative Games This episode of Talking Table Top has Trevor and Danny presenting their top 5 “versus” games. Versus Games are usually referred to as non-cooperative games….

Talking Table Top Dice Games

Talking Table Top Dice Games

In this episode, Trevor and Danny give you their Top 5 list of Dice Games. There is much debate as to what constitutes a dice game. The common definitions are…

Cooperative Games

Talking Table Top Cooperative Games

Top 5 Cooperative Games Zia Comics resident Game Gurus, Danny and Trevor give you their top 5 list of favorite cooperative games.  Co-operative play encourages or requires players to work…

Wonder Woman banner

Wonder Woman Day is in June

Wonder Woman gets her own day from DC Comics All you Wonder Woman fans mark your calendars so you don’t miss out on this. Official DC Comics Press Release DC…