Zia Comics is bringing you the Awesome

We have a lot of really cool things planned for this year.  Should be some neat stuff for you guys to enjoy.  We will be sending out more frequent newsletters so make sure you open and read them so you don’t miss anything.

ZiaComics.com has been revamped.  It is now the hub for all our ventures.  The most recent news about Zia Comics, El Paso Comic Con, Las Cruces Comic Con, and Talk Nerdy can all be found there.  No need to bounce around to multiple sites to keep up with the newest information.  Visit www.ziacomics.com and bookmark it.  We’d also like you to visit our individual Facebook sites and give us a Like.  Subscribing to the YouTube channel would be appreciated too.

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Here are the most recent sales/special events for Zia Comics.

Fathers Day Sale
15% off June 18 2016
Free RPG Day
18 June 2016
Doctor Who Day
9 July 2016

Saturday (June 18th) will be pretty busy with the Free RPG Day event going on.  It is also the last chance to grab something for Dad for Father’s Day.  There will be a 15% discount on anything/everything in store.  We will probably have some bigger sales on other specific items, but those will be announced through our text notification list.  If you aren’t already on our text list follow the rules on the home page to add yourself.  The text list will become our early warning method on all our big sales.  Those on the text lists will know about our sales before the general public.

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