red agent
Cover A by Ortiz | Di Napoli

Red Agent: The Human Order #2

An international Highborn terrorist with a deadly power is on the loose. Britney and the team are summoned to Europe to help capture or eliminate this unpredictable threat. The team’s formidable skills are put to the test when they are faced with an adversary who doesn’t rely on brawn and might or cunning and stealth. This time, their foe’s highborn powers are something they haven’t encountered before, and they’ll need to figure it out quickly if they want to make it out in one piece!

Written by Joe Brusha & Lou Iovino
Artwork by Wilton Santos
Colors by Hedwin Zaldivar




red agent b
Cover B by Atkins | de la Cruz

red agent c
Cover C by Tyndall | Ula Mos

red agent d
Cover D by Cuffari | Cortes
Evil Heroes
Cvr A by Malsuni|Garisa|Singh

E.V.I.L. Heroes #4

The self-proclaimed god Chaos is starting to learn that life on earth is not what it used to be for a deity. Humans do not bend to their will and worship them the way they did in ancient times. And if that’s not enough, a group of human heroes, calling themselves Hellions, have actually managed to kill some of the New Gods. The time has come for Chaos to teach the world who’s in charge…once and for all.

Written by Joe Brusha
Artwork by Eric J & Sean Hill
Colors by Marco Lesko





evil heroes b
Cover B by Atkins | Hartman

evil heroes c
Cover C by Reyes | Di Napoli

evil heroes d
Cvr D by Richardson|Zaldivar

The following titles (below) are scheduled to hit the shelves in February


Van Helsing Spirit Hunters

Van Helsing vs. Frankenstein #5

Liesel Van Helsing enters her final conflict with the Frankenstein monster and its creator, who is willing to risk it all to save her creation. They discover a den of deadly creatures that will change the course of the battle for the worse.

 Spirit Hunters #4

Few places have seen more death and despair than West Virginia Penitentiary. Closed in 1995, it should have stayed that way forever…but someone saw fit to reopen it, and even the Spirit Hunters team may not be able to stop this prison’s reign of terror.

Steampunk Alice Evil Heroes 5

 Steampunk: Alice in Wonderland One-Shot

The Wonderland ongoing series may have ended, but that isn’t the end of Alice. An alternate dimension is emerging in the Grimm Universe, and what better way to explore it could there be than by going through the looking glass?

 E.V.I.L. Heroes #5

As the Hellions’ defense against the evil New Gods mounts, they fail to realize how truly ruthless their enemy is…because if the New Gods can’t rule the earth, then they don’t plan on leaving it around for anyone else to rule either.

Day of the Dead

 Day of the Dead #2

Lured to New Orleans during the Day of the Dead festival, Mary Medina finds herself at the center of a sinister mystery. Young women are disappearing without a trace, and Mary nearly becomes the newest victim. But her powers to control the Dead, along with help from a mysterious stranger, let her escape. But the mystery still remains unsolved…who, or what, is taking the women of New Orleans?

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