Watch my reaction to the newest Wreck It Ralph: Ralph Breaks the Internet trailer.

Wreck It Ralph 2, otherwise known as Ralph Breaks the Internet, released the newest trailer for the movie this morning. This sequel looks to be just as good as the original.

Vanellope and Ralph venture out onto the Internet to find a part to fix Vanellope’s game, Sugar Rush. If the game isn’t fixed it is in danger of being unplugged forever forcing all the characters to find new homes.

Of course the Internet is a much wilder and crazier place than arcade games. We see Vanellope really liking the Internet life while Ralph just wants to return home.

Will Vanellope give up the fast Internet life and return to the arcade with Ralph? Will Ralph leave the arcade life he of which he is accustomed to stay with Vanellpe? Or will the duo part ways? We will find out November 21st.

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