DC Comics has been getting a lot of criticism lately about their major motion pictures.  People were saying Marvel had the secret formula for successful superhero movies and DC just couldn’t quite get it completely right.  The Wonder Woman movie will put all that chatter to rest.

The Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) movie gives us her origin story.  This works because her origin hasn’t been played out ad nauseam in previous movies.

We get to see where Diana gets her combat training, god-like powers, and her god-forged weapons.  We see the innocence and purity of the character as well.  Gal Gadot really knocked it out of the park portraying Wonder Woman.

The pacing for movie was so good it didn’t seem like over 2 hours passed from beginning to end.  There were enough action sequences to keep the adrenaline junkies happy, enough humor to keep the laughers happy, and enough story to tie them both together.

Wonder Woman is the DC Comics movie we’ve been waiting for.  We’re hoping DC can build on the success of this movie and make Justice League a huge hit.

We want to thank Alamo Drafthouse El Paso for allowing us to do our review in their lobby.  We also want to thank Raywork Productions for filming & editing the video.

Please tell us what you thought about the movie.  Did Gal Gadot make a convincing Wonder Woman? Did Chris Pine do good as Steve Trevor?  Did DC Comics finally make a movie to rival the Marvel films?  Let us know!

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