With the frame all repaired and the Styrofoam body pieces firmly in place, it was time to put the fur back on.  The fur was big and heavy so I used the safety pins from before to hold it in place so I could sew it up.  The seam for the fur goes directly down the spine.  I made sure the head hole and both arm holes were lined up correctly.  Luckily, when I checked the fur around his legs I found the Velcro there was still in good shape.  I was able to use that Velcro to connect the leg fur.  The pieces on the flap where the belly section meets the tail section also had good Velcro.  That saved me a lot of sewing.


sulley back sulley side

Did a test fit of the arms and head to make sure everything went into place correctly.  Had to trim some of the new PVC pipes that were used on the frame and on the arms.  Everything seems to fit into the slots with no issues.  The next step is to put Sulley back on the floor.

sulley right arm sulley torso

Pulled Sulley’s torso back onto the floor using a handtruck.  Put the arms and head back on and made some final adjustments.  Even with all the refurbishments I don’t want people to pull/climb/push him.  I want these fixes to last so I put some barriers around him with a “Please Do Not Touch” sign.  Admirers can still take pics of him or selfies with him.

full sulley

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