The Avengers have changed

If you have been keeping up with Marvel Comic’s Civil War II story-line you know there is a rift amongst the super-heroes.  The difference in opinions has caused long time friends and team mates to part ways.  The younger group of super-heroes disagreed so strongly with the main Avengers group that they decided to leave the group and form their own team, the Champions.  You also now have Occupy Avengers led by Hawkeye.  The Avengers that are left have a much different dynamic than the group you see in the Marvel movies. Interview with Mark Waid and Mike Del Mundo

The Avengers look very different these days.

Most of the team’s young members have chosen to leave in the fallout of Civil War II, while the new Wasp has earned full-fledged Avenger status. Iron Man remains, but someone new will don the armor. Captain America and Vision find themselves thrust into the “veteran” role, working with Thor and new recruit Hercules to round out the team as they come up against an already familiar foe.

We grabbed a few minutes with writer Mark Waid and artist Mike Del Mundo to get a sense of what the Avengers will be like as this new adventure begins. This new team spins out of Civil War II, and there are some big changes. Ms. Marvel, Nova, and Spider-Man are all gone, someone different is in the Iron Man armor, and a few new faces have joined up. What brings the team to this point?

Mark Waid: We really can’t divulge too much without spoiling Civil War II, but we can say that the “kids” have realized that their heroes sometimes have feet of clay, and there’s a real friction in the super hero community following the war. The kids have gone off to form their own team, the Champions, and that means the Avengers need to re-stock in terms of members. The previous team hadn’t been together for very long, and it felt like they were just starting to settle into the groove of working together. Does this affect the new team, with a rift between new and returning members?

Mark Waid: Somewhat. Partly in what sides each member came down on during the Civil War, but also in terms of Vision vs. Everyone Else—for reasons that will become apparent in issue #1. This Avengers team originally formed because they found they worked well together, and these veteran heroes seemed to want to mentor new, younger heroes to be the “Avengers of the Future,” so to speak. With that dynamic largely gone, what is the glue that really holds this crew together?

Mark Waid: The new war that Vision’s gotten them into with Kang. More than that, we cannot yet say. Victor Von Doom has been in the process of reforming from villain to hero since the events of Secret Wars concluded. Still, it’s to be expected that most would be suspicious of him and his motives. How do the other Avengers work with their former enemy?

Mark Waid: Not well. Not at all well.  There is a lot of friction here—so much that we’re even holding off introducing him as a member until issue #2!

Avengers (2016) #1 cover by Alex Ross

Avengers (2016) #1 variant cover by Adam Kubert Similarly, Victor is diving head first into the role of Iron Man, joining up with a team almost as soon as he steps into the armor. As someone who’s most frequently worked alone, feeling superior to others and being generally untrusting, what is this new experience like for Doom?

Mark Waid: To Doom? He feels and acts like a Musher guiding a pack of Sled Dogs. The two of you haven’t worked together in the past. What has your process become? Where is the design of the book more collaborative and where do you leave each other to your own devices?

Mark Waid: Honestly, the process is still being defined, but so far,wow. Mike has exceeded all expectations. And I’ve made it clear to him that these are notmystories, these areourstories—so any suggestions/advice he has as a visual storyteller will inform the finished book.

Mike Del Mundo: So far the process has been amazing! Mark from the start made it clear that this is our story so from the jump he’s encouraged me to run wild and put out any cool ideas that can further the narrative. The tone of this book is undoubtedly much different from what we were seeing in ALL-NEW, ALL-DIFFERENT AVENGERS; how are you reflecting that change in your art?

Mike Del Mundo: I’m letting things flow organically. I haven’t made a conscious decision to reflect that change in my art. It’s almost something I have to feel for and see how the story goes. I feel like the story will naturally guide the mood and tone of the art.  I do depend on my colors to carry the feel of the story so you’ll see a wide range of color changes to reflect the mood of the book. What has been different about penciling this team book over your previous work on solo titles like ELEKTRA?

Mike Del Mundo: Honestly, this is my first team book so the first thing I noticed, was more characters to draw [Laughs] but it’s so exciting and I’m salivating over all the cool characters to draw. I love the challenge and the fact that it’s a team book gives you a wide range of different characters from different genres to explore. At this point it’s been pretty awesome. What can you tell us about the first story arc we’ll see the team go through? Who is their next enemy?

Mark Waid: Several iterations of Kang—including some we’ve never seen before. After that, nothing’s yet nailed down, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a specific non-traditionally Avengers villain show up….

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