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Today we are taking a look at the paws-itively purr-fect game “Tem-Purr-A” by Kuraki Mura and Iello Games.


This is a press-your-luck game for 3-7 players, in which you will be trying to “eat” a number of cards, while avoiding “indigestion”.

The game plays over a number of rounds, in which you will choose one of four different actions. To set up the game, remove all of the indigestion cards, and deal five cards to each player from the remaining deck. Then add 1 indigestion card to the deck and reshuffle. Set the indigestion tokens, and play order tokens off to the side, and determine the first player.

Indigestion Cards and Tokens

As stated earlier, on your turn you will choose one of four actions to take. They are as follows:

  1. Serve a Dish – Play a card from your hand in the center of the table, on the stack. The card you play must match the card(s) currently on the stack (example: if the top dish card is a 6, you must play a 6).
  2. Eat a Mouthful – Draw as many cards as the sum of the dish cards in the stack. You must draw them face up so that all players can see what you draw (example: if there are three 6 cards in the stack, you must draw 18 cards). If you reveal one or more indigestion cards, the round ends, continue drawing cards until you have reached the appropriate amount, including all indigestion cards drawn into that number, and add all dish cards to your hand. Then discard the stack, and you get to start a new stack by playing a card from your hand. Whether you drew an indigestion card or not, you must always start a new stack. Note: If you empty the deck on your draw, then continue drawing cards from the discard pile, then reshuffle to refresh the deck.
  3. Play an Action Card – Play an action card on top of any dish in the stack. They are: +1 – Add 1 to the total number of cards to be drawn when eating. Reverse – Reverse the direction of play, and flip the play direction token to the other side. And Point – Choose the next player to take an action, and continue in the current direction of play.
  4. Skip a Dish – Play two identical dish cards to discard the current stack and change the dish in play. Place one of the cards in the discard, and the other in the center of the table to start a new stack (example: there are three 6 cards in the stack, you play two 2 cards, discard all of the 6 cards and one of the 2 cards, then place the remaining 2 card in the center of the table).
Action Cards and Dish Cards

A round ends whenever a player has drawn an indigestion card. Take 1 indigestion token and place it in front of you (no matter how many indigestion cards you drew, take only 1 token), then discard the stack.

To start a new round, all players keep the cards in their hand, shuffle the discard pile, the deck, and all revealed indigestion cards together to form a new deck. The player who took the indigestion token may choose to add an additional indigestion card to the deck (to a maximum of 6 indigestion cards), this player also chooses a new dish card to play from their hand to start a new stack. Then reset the play direction token to clockwise direction side. Now continue play as before.

The first player to 3 indigestion tokens loses, and the game ends. The player with the fewest indigestion tokens wins, in case of a tie, the player with the fewest indigestion tokens and the most cards in their hand wins.

And that’s it! That’s Tem-Purr-A. For more info you can check them out here: Illeo Games: Tem-Purr-A

What makes this game stand out from other press-your-luck games is obviously the adorable artwork by Wee Yee Chong. Every single card in the game just sells you on the cats having a sushi eating contest.

Card Art

This game retails for only $14.99 and is out now. It includes 72 dish cards numbered 2-7, 17 action cards, 6 indigestion cards, 15 indigestion token, 1 play direction token, and the rule book. Totaling 95 cards, which is a great deal for it’s price!

I give it 8out of 9 lives.

Until next time, keep playing games, and take a food nap.

-Trevor L. Cooper

More Info: Tem-Purr-A at BGG

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