Smoothie has sunk his claws deep into Hailey. He has turned her completely against her parents. Smoothie is programming Hailey to be an assassin for him. This helps Smoothie out on so many levels. He gets to please Orcus, He gets rid of Sonny Shine, and most of all he gets revenge on Nick.

Amanda’s water breaks and Orcus gets her to the hospital with the Wishees in tow.

Nick get caught in one of Smoothie’s traps and is arrested. Of course they beat the crap out of him. McCarthy does some unspeakable stuff to get him out of jail. They team up again to go after Smoothie and save Hailey.

Some of the weirdness is starting to make sense. Now we know the Wishees are like minions of Orcus. We know that Sonny blackmailed his way into his position. We know that Amanda is pregnant with a Wishee baby. The only thing I am not sure of yet, is why is Happy still around if Hailey doesn’t believe in him any more? Hopefully that will be explained before end of the season.

Are you still liking Happy!? Is it just enough weird to keep you watching? Or have you tuned out on this show? Let us know in the comments.

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