Firefly fans rejoice.  The Serenity will be going to the black once more in Dark Horse’s new monthly six issue mini-series, No Power in the Verse.  This series picks up about a year and a half after the conclusion of the Leaves on the Wind story-line.

The Firefly crew are just wrapping up a job when they get a call from an old friend who is in desperate need of their help.  From there things get complicated pretty quickly. The title of the series harks back to one of River’s most famous quotes from the original series.  She said that “no power in the ‘verse can stop me.” The reference is no accident. River is now the pilot of Serenity after Wash’s death in the film.  She will play a big part in the new series.

River plays a pretty central role in this story in more ways than one. She’s really come into her own as the pilot of Serenity.  By this point Zoe’s daughter, Emma, is toddling around on her own. River is always on hand to help look after her. The Alliance is still hunting for River, which is going to continue to put the rest of the crew in the cross-hairs.

No Power in the Verse will be written by Chris Roberson and illustrated by Georges Jeanty. The first issue will arrive October 26.



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