You might not now the name, Neil Gaiman, but you are likely familiar with his work.  There seems to be a lot of his comic series being adapted into TV series.  Starz is on it’s third season of American Gods. Netflix also picked up Lucifer for a fourth and fifth season.  Amazon Prime Video just released its adaptation of Good Omens, a novel Gaiman wrote with Terry Pratchett.  The movies Coraline and Stardust are also based on his works.

That list of Neil Gaiman titles being brought to TV is about to get longer.  Netflix is adapting his Sandman comic for it’s streaming service.  The Sandman series has long been one of his more popular titles.  Judging by the other adaptions of his work, the Sandman Netflix series should be a huge hit.  I highly suggest reading some of the Sandman comics before the series is released.  The show will be much more enjoyable for you with a little background.


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