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What-Ho! Time for another “Well Written Wreview” y’all.

Today we are taking a look at “Munchkin: Marvel Edition” by Steve Jackson Games and USAopoly.

Munchkin: Marvel Edition

(Special Note: Usually we post pictures of the things we talk about in our review, but this game is so awesome, we don’t want to give too many spoilers. So if you want to see all of the elements in the game, you will want to pick up a copy from your friendly local game store! *cough*ZiaComics*coughcough*)

This is a competitive, sometimes cooperative, game for 3-6 players. To begin, give each player an oversized S.H.I.E.L.D. agent role card (which are double-sided for either male or female players) each with their own special abilities, and one level tracker token. Shuffle the Door deck, and the Treasure deck, and deal 4 of each cards to the players. Everyone starts at level 1 and plays out any helpful equipment, powers, one-shot items, allies, “Go Up a Level” cards, and affiliations.


You may only have 2 hand items equipped (either 2 one handed, or 1 two handed), 1 armor, 1 head gear, 1 foot gear, 1 ally (unless a card says otherwise), 1 affiliation (unless a card says otherwise), and a combined total of power ranks equal to your current level or lower. If you cannot use a particular item, or already have the slot full, or if it is a one-shot item, you may turn the card sideways to denote that you have the card but it does not currently count towards your combat strength, this is called “side-boarding” (note: you cannot side-board powers or affiliations). The reason why you may want to do this is because you can only have 5 cards in your hand at the end of your turn. If you have more than that you must “give charity” to the lowest level player(s), if there is a tie for lowest, the player giving charity may choose who gets what (provided it is distributed as evenly as possible). If you are the lowest level, or tied for lowest, you must discard them.

Deadpool Promos

On your turn, you must “Kick Down a Door” by flipping over the top card of the door deck. If it is an enemy, you fight it; if it is a trap, resolve its effects; anything else, you add it to your hand (for use later). If the card was not an enemy, you may do one of two things:

  • “Look for Trouble”- play a monster from your hand and fight it as though you had kicked down a door.
  • “Loot the Room” – draw a door card, face down, and add it to your hand.

When fighting a monster, you add up all equipment, powers, and affiliation bonuses, then add your current level. This is known as your “combat strength”. If it is greater than the enemies level, then you win, if not, you will have to either ask the other players for help, or attempt to run away (roll a die, on a 5 or better you succeed, if not you suffer an enemies bad stuff).

When asking for help, you may either offer cards that you have on the table in front of you as a reward, or a share of the treasure that you gain from fighting your enemy. Players may instead choose to present you with a counter offer of their own. But, keep in mind that any player not helping you in combat may play cards to foil your attempt at defeating your enemy. If you succeed, gain a level, and however many treasure cards as dictated by the enemy card. If you fought alone, draw the cards face-down; if you were helped in combat, draw the cards face-up (whether you were helped for a share of the treasure or not).

And finally, you may sell any number of items that you have equipped or side-boarded to gain levels, for every 1,000 gold worth of items you sell you may gain a level, but if you sell an odd amount (1,200 or 1,500 etc…) you do not get change!

Promo Cards and Bookmarks

Be the first player to level 10 and you win! But remember, in order to get from level 9 to 10, you must fight an enemy, you cannot use “Go Up a Level” cards, or sell items, to gain the winning level.

Munchkin is a staple game for any collection, it fun, fast-paced, and allows players to work together, or against one another. And best of all, if you have multiple sets, you can shuffle the door and treasure decks together to play a game of epic Munchkin!

Base Set and Expansions

The game retails for $24.95, and includes 6 over-sized S.H.I.E.L.D. agent role cards, 168 cards (both treasure and door cards), 6 level trackers, 1 custom die, and the rules. There are also 2 expansions coming out later this year. Munchkin Marvel 2: Mystic Mayhem (coming August 2016) and Munchkin Marvel 3: Cosmic Chaos (coming October 2016) each adding more Munchkin Marvel goodness to the game! For more info you can check it out here: Steve Jackson Games – Munchkin: Marvel Editon or here: USAopoly – Munchkin: Marvel Edition

If you get the chance to play this, or any, version of Munchkin, TAKE IT IMMEDIATELY!

I give it 10 out of 10 assembled Avengers!

-Trevor L. Cooper

More Info: Munchkin: Marvel Edition at BGG

For awesome “Let’s Play” style videos of some of your favorite board games, and to see this (non-Marvel version) game played on “No Holds Board”, check out Well Played on

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