Matthew Rosenberg, writer of the upcoming Hawkeye Freefall due out in January, is asking you to pick up a copy of the comic at Zia Comics. He has prepared a synopsis of the title for you.


The simple pitch- Clint Barton is back to his usual @#$%?!*&. After an encounter with The Hood goes quite badly, Clint develops a slight obsession with stopping a villain who might be a bit out of his weight class. Like all things Hawkeye, what starts off as a joke may end up going way too far. Meanwhile there is a brand new and very dangerous Ronin running around town. Everyone thinks it’s Clint, but he is determined to clear his good (ok) name. Who Ronin is will be a fun mystery. There is lots of great action, weird comedy, a little disastrous romance, and a wild adventure unlike anything else on shelves right now. Plus the series will have great guest stars like Spider-Man, Bucky, Black Widow, The Falcon, Daredevil, and more!

The book is written by me, Matthew Rosenberg (UNCANNY X-MEN, THE PUNISHER, 4 KIDS WALK INTO A BANK, etc.) and drawn by the brilliant Otto Schmidt! If you don’t know Otto’s work, he was the artist on a book called Green Arrow that had the ridiculous premise of a crime fighter using a bow and arrow to stop super-villains, but the book was gorgeous. Otto will be a superstar very soon.

Now is the perfect time to jump back on the Hawkeye bandwagon. Add Hawkeye Freefall to your pull list!

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