Marvel Legacy

Marvel Comics Secret Empire story-line is over and we are now learning the aftermath of those events in the Marvel Universe. Marvel is taking this opportunity to restart a lot of their comics and hopefully make things right.

**Spoilers may follow**

A lot of stuff happened in Marvel Legacy to set the stage for a LOT of fall-out. An infected Celestial comes to Earth looking for the host, the new Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes) receives powers of the original Ghost Rider (Penance Stare), Starbrand dies, Loki tries to steal the Mind Gem from SHIELD, you see Wolverine has escaped his Adamantium encasing, and there is a mysterious extra figure in the Avengers founding members statue. Lots of stuff for them to explain.

Marvel has revealed some new titles spinning out from Legacy including teasing the death of the Jane Foster Thor and Sam Wilson returning to the role of the Falcon.

We are seriously hoping Marvel uses this opportunity to do some good story-telling coupled with great artwork. Marvel needs to unleash their writers and let them create the next generation of iconic story-lines.

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