Most comic book fans know who Galactus is, but do they know how he came to be? In this fun fact I explain the origin of the big guy in purple.

Galactus is the first and oldest entity in the universe. He was originally the explorer Galan of Taa. The universe is going through the final steps of the Big Crunch, collapsing in upon itself. At the center of this Big Crunch is the Cosmic Egg from which the universe will be reborn.

Galan and other survivors leave Taa on a spacecraft and are engulfed in the Big Crunch. They all die except for Galan. He is bonded with Sentience of the Universe. After the Cosmic Egg gives birth to the new universe he changes and gestates for billions of years in a craft made of the rubble of his ship.

A Watcher observed Galactus’ birth and recognizes his destructive nature. The Watchers have a strict code of non-interference and thus chose not to kill Galactus.

When Galactus emerges from his craft, he has a hunger that can only be sated by consuming planets. A superhero group called the Ultimates decide to end this threat. They force Galactus into his own incubator. Galactus re-emerges as a Lifebringer instead of a Devourer of Worlds.

As a result of becoming a Lifebringer, Galactus comes into conflict with fellow cosmics Lord Chaos and Master Order. They beliee his change throws off the cosmic balance. Lord Chaos and Master Order bring Galactus to trial before the Living Tribunal. Galactus successfully argues the balance of the new Multiverse is different and his old role is obsolete. The LIving Tribunal agrees and is destroyed by Master Order and Lord Chaos. They are still unable to force Galactus to revert back to a World Devourer.

Master Order decides to create a new cosmic order which it and Lord Chaos control. Their former servant, the In-Betweener, is forcibly merged with them into a new cosmic being called Logos. Logos forcibly transforms Galactus back into the Devourer of Worlds.

The process is reversed when Anti-Man sacrifices his life to restore Galactus as the Lifebringer.

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