Marvel Fresh Start

Marvel Comics is back at it again. The Fresh Start Initiative will have them relaunching with a series of new #1 titles. If this sounds familiar to you, that is because they have done it several times in the recent past. Marvel has relaunched its lineup five times since 2012: NOW!, All-New NOW!, All-New, All-Different, NOW! 2.0, and Legacy. We can only hope they realize they are doing more long term harm, than they are reaping on short term profits.

There have been hints of Fantastic Four returning to the printed page ever since film rights for that franchise returned to Marvel. We have seen Valeria Richards in Legacy talking about being homesick. We’ve also seen the Thing and Johnny Storm make reappearances. It seems like a no-brainer that we will see Reed Richards get the band back together.

We can expect to see a lot of Marvel characters return to their classic form. Steve Rogers will be Captain America, Tony Stark will likely be back in the Iron Man suit, Bruce Banner is back as Hulk, Logan is back as Wolverine, and Thor Odinson should be getting Mjolnir back since Jane Foster is being teased as dying.

If Marvel is smart they will find a way to utilize what is working right now instead of trashing it all. Riri Williams as Ironheart is a great idea, but not at the cost of getting rid of Tony Stark. Jane Foster as Thor breathed a new life into the Asgard stories. Having Miles Morales around in the main Marvel Universe added lots of plot potentials.

Hopefully Marvel will wake up and realize the long term damage they are doing to their comic book titles by rebooting them every time readers start to get accustomed to them. The Marvel movies are doing great, but that is because they have a long and rich history of great story-telling and character development to draw from. That well only runs so deep. Marvel needs to start making modern classics that future movies can be based upon.

What do you think about all the Marvel comic book reboots? Does it affect the way you approach their titles or big events? Let us know in the comments.

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