Lord of the Fries


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Today we are gonna take a look at “Lord of the Fries: Superdeluxe Edition” by James Ernest and Cheapass Games.

Lord of the Fries

This is a card game that mixes the awesomeness of zombies with the mediocrity of the fast food industry.

It plays 2 to 8 players. And comes with 108 cards.

Every player starts with a number of cards (depending on the number of players) and plays over the course of four “days” (rounds). The first order of each day is determined by the roll of a six sided die. Each order afterwards can be rolled or called. Starting to the left and moving clockwise, each player will have a chance to fill the order using ingredient cards from their hand. If you can’t, you have to pass a card, and the next player gets a chance. If the order makes a full rotation around the table, you may try to make a “short order” by excluding one ingredient, then proceeding around the table again. This continues until either the order is filled, or no one can complete it. Whoever fills the order becomes the leader and play continues as before.





Some of the ingredient cards from the game

As soon as any player is out of cards, the day ends. You total the points on all ingredient cards on the table in front of you, and subtract points from ingredient cards in your hand. And that’s it! Highest total points after four days wins.

What sets this game apart is the comedic vibe. From Brian Snoddy’s card artwork, to the funny (and sometimes punny) menu items. The base game comes with two decks, the standard deck and menu, and the McFrye’s coffee and dessert shop deck and menu, and the ren-fare menu. But there are also four 54 card standalone expansions. A Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and Irish deck each with their respective menus are out now, with four more coming this year (Breakfast, French, Japanese, and Brazilian). Plus, Cheapass games has free downloadable menus available on their website (like the Holiday menu) with more menus coming soon as well.


Italian Deck Mexican Deck Irish Deck Chinese Deck

You can check them out here: Cheapass Games: Lord of the Fries: Superdeluxe Edition

The game retails at $25 and each expansion is $10. All of which are out now.

I give it 8 French fried zombie fingers out of 10!

Until next time, keep playing games my legion of undead cooks!

-Trevor L. Cooper

More info: Lord of the Fries: Superdeluxe Editon at BGG

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