There have been a lot of “live action” remakes of popular Disney titles lately… and there are plenty scheduled to come out soon.  The connotation of live action makes you believe all the roles are played by real, live, human actors.  Most people will even accept it as live action when at least some of the characters are portrayed by living people with some CGI characters sprinkled in.  The uproar/pushback from the audience in response the the Lion King “live action” adaption has been pretty strong.

The new Lion King movie is billing itself as “live action”.  Everything that has been seen in the trailer(s) appears to have been rendered CGI.  Even the backgrounds/sets look to be CGI.  If the entire movie is created using computer graphics, can you really say it is live action?  Don’t get me wrong, the graphics in the trailer look amazing, but I think it is disingenuous to label it as live action.

All the hub-bub over the “live action” label is taking away from the movie as a whole.  As I mentioned, the graphics look top notch.  The voice cast is truly star-studded.  We only really get to see Simba’s birth scene.  I only hope it is not a scene for scene recreation of the Lion King animated movie.  I’ve already seen that movie.  I like the small changes they made to Jungle Book’s “live action” movie.  I am hoping they do the same for this movie.

I am really looking forward to seeing Timon & Pumba.  What scene from the animated movie do you want to see in the “live action” remake? Let us know in the comments.


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