Deadpool Robbie Robot


Hey Zia fans, Lil’ Deadpool here. For those of you who aren’t fans of classic sci-fi, this is Robbie the Robot. Surprisingly, Stan Lee did not create this guy. I know, with a name like that he sounds awful Stan Lee-ish.

But for reals, this awkward walking toaster is a staple in american cinema. Shame on all of you for not knowing Robbie the Robot! This is where Darth Vader got his patented light bright breastplate! (Maybe) where Vader got his style, I’ll never know. Robbie wasn’t much of a conversationalist, but I’ve always had a weakness for the strong silent type of robot. (Oh swoon!!)





BTW ever get that feeling you’re not alone, or you’re being followed? (Merc senses tingling!) My fall back is dismissing that feeling as a mild case of schizophrenia, but this time I’m serious. I’m positive I’m being watched, and not in a good “hey check out his booty” kind of way. Keep your eyes peeled, Later players! (That’s still a thing, right?)

James Romansky is a graduate from NMSU and has written many Lil’ Deadpool Diary Adventure Parodies for Zia Comics in Las Cruces New Mexico. He is the photographer and editor of the photos that correspond with each story of the series as well. A Native New Mexican, James predominantly writes short fiction loosely based off his experiences in the southwest.

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