Just Desserts

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Today we’re going to take a look at “Just Desserts” by Andy Looney and Looney Labs.

Just Desserts

This is a quick, fun, competitive game for 2-5 players. In which you are all playing as waiters in a restaurant that serves just desserts (get it?).

To start out, you separate and shuffle the two decks, the Guest Deck (orange cards) and the Dessert Deck (blue cards). Each player starts out with three dessert cards in their hand, and the guests are dealt to the center of the table.

The two decks

You begin your turn by drawing a dessert card to your hand, drawing a new guest card and putting it in the center of the table, and then you may take one of three actions on your turn. You may “Satisfy a Guest” (up to 2 guests at a time) by playing dessert cards from your hand to meet the guests likes (then discarding the cards used). You can “Go Back to the Kitchen” by drawing another dessert card. Or you may “Dump Your Tray” by discarding any number of cards from your hand, and drawing that many cards from the dessert deck.

Some dessert cards More dessert cards

The latter two options are pretty clear, but let’s talk about how you satisfy a guest. As stated earlier you are playing desserts from your hand to satisfy guests (gaining them in front of you) and you may try to satisfy up to two guests on your turn. Each guest has a number of things they like, and some have things they dislike. Most of them also have one specific dessert that is their favorite. Let’s use the guest “Fuzzy” as an example.

Satisfying a guest

“Fuzzy” likes nuts, and chocolate, but dislikes marshmallows, his favorite is peanut butter cups. On your turn you could, for example, play the chocolate candy bar (to satisfy his chocolate like), and coconut macaroons (satisfying his nut like) to satisfy him. You then take the guest and move it in front of you.

Example dislikes on a guest

You could NOT play s’more card to try and satisfy “Fuzzy” as it contains marshmallows, which he dislikes.

Satisfying a guest with their favorite

You may play the peanut butter cups card since it is his favorite, satisfying “Fuzzy”with only the one card needed. And as a bonus, whenever you satisfy a guest with their favorite, you gain a tip (drawing an extra dessert card).

The guests fall into one of six different “suits”. This is important as you need one each of five different, or three of a kind of one suit, to win. At the end of your turn, if there are ever two guests of the same suit on the table, one of them must “Stand in the Doorway” (the guest discard pile) and may still be satisfied by players, unless another guest gets moved on top of them.

Some of the Guests showing the 6 suits

And that’s “Just Desserts”, the game is out now, and retails for only $18. What first catches players eyes is the art by Brooke Allen, and Andrew Heath. The dessert cards look almost as delicious as their real life counter-parts. And if you are familiar with faces in the board game industry, you may notice a few cameo appearances (like designer Andy Looney as “The Emperor”). You can check it out here: Looney Labs: Just Desserts

If you ever get the chance to play this game, take it! I give it 10 periodic table of desserts out of 12.

Until next time, keep playing games, and “feed me Seymour, feed me”.

-Trevor L. Cooper

More Info: Just Desserts at BGG

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