Metal Earth

Metal Earth produces very cool metal 3D model kits. These kits range from very easy up to insanely advanced. They have many pop culture licenses so you can make your own 3D metal model of your favorite Star Wars ship or a bright red/yellow Iron Man model. A lot of people are hesitant to build one of these kits because they believe it is difficult. I build one of their easier kits, the birdhouse, to show you it is really not that daunting of a task.

This is my first how-to-build video. Please be kind. I promise the next ones will be better. I will zoom in closer to the actual build to give you a better view of the process. This video is meant to ease your concerns on the difficulty level required to build a Metal Earth model kit. I hope it convinces you to take the plunge and really get into building the cooler and more colorful models.

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