I posted yesterday about the upcoming X-men story-line that is supposed to bring the mutants back into prominence in the comics.  Jonathan Hickman draws upon the old X-men stories to bring us House of X and Powers of X (pronounced ten).  Yes, I know it is strange to say one as “X” and the other as “ten”, but Hickman has promised the reasoning will become apparent when the story unfolds.

I am kinda anxious for this story as they are promising we will see lots of the old mutants as main characters or at least in cameos.  There are some really interesting X-men we haven’t seen for a while.  Kinda makes you wonder if some of the characters that are presumed dead will be returning.  I only hope this X-men series delivers on all the hype they are building for the story-line.

The video below explains a little bit about what they are planning to do with our Merry Band of Mutants.

Press Release

Marvel Comics is proud to present House of X and Powers of X! These two intertwining series form an all-new redefining event for the X-Men. In this all-new trailer, learn about these earth-shaking issues from Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski, Senior Editor Jordan D. White, and writer Jonathan Hickman!

“House of X and Powers of X are two stories that act as one story. They absolutely are separate, but by the end they collide together and coming out of that is the new paradigm for the X-Men universe,” explains Hickman.

In this epic story starring almost every single mutant in the Marvel Universe, Jonathan Hickman takes the reins of the X-Men and will revolutionize everything you know about mutants. Shocking secrets will be revealed throughout Marvel history that will affect every member of mutantkind, especially the X-Men. Follow this incredible story and witness the most important scene in X-Men history!

“If you have been a fan of X-Men in any era, there is something in here for you,” promises White.

House of X #1 arrives on July 24th and Powers of X #1 arrives on July 31st in comic shops, on the Marvel Comics App, and on Marvel.com!


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