Episode 6 of Doom Patrol delivers much more weirdness, in a good way.

Mr Nobody has sent our reluctant heroes on a search for the “Doom Patrol”. Crazy Jayne uses her Flit personality to take Rita and Negative Man to a school for kids with powers (sound like X-men to you?). At the school they discover that the Doom Patrol (Mento, Celsius, and Lodestone) have faced off against Mr Nobody in the past. This encounter left them all mentally unbalanced. In fact, they are all being heavily medicated and living in an illusion in order to keep them from going off the deep end and using their powers indiscriminately.

The Doom Patrol’s caretaker, Tempest, tells them Mr Nobody sent them to the school so they would see what would happen if they went against him. Mr Nobody loves playing the mind games. We also see Cyborg’s dad finally cut the apron strings and let Cyborg be his own person rather than trying to dictate and forcefully guide him in life. Robot Man and Cyborg bound a little in this episode, but we still can’t figure out exactly why Cyborg is in Doom Patrol. I think Patrick has it right that Cyborg was written in as an afterthought as all his scenes could really be deleted and the story wouldn’t be affected. Cyborg is the Jar-Jar Binks of Doom Patrol.

Do you agree with our assessment of episode 6? Is the show weird but good for you or is it too much over the top for you to enjoy? Let us know in the comments.


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