Last episode our intrepid heroes busted Cyborg…and Flex Mentallo… out of the Ant Farm.

Rita talks Cyborg into re-installing his GRID operating system after the nanites start turning him more into a robot than human. Cyborg decides to stay with his dad in the hospital after nearly beating him to death when Mr Nobody got into his head. Rita stays with Cyborg to help him through this tough time.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion… Jane and Robot Man try to get Flex’s memory to kick in. They do everything they can think of to trigger his memory. The only thing that works is bringing his wife back to him. Short lived reunion as she has had her body wired so if she comes back in contact with Flex, she dies.

We also find out that Larry and the Negative Spirit are in a symbiotic relationship. They need each other to survive.

The best part is when Mr Nobody gives his soliloquy at the end. Everything he says proves we have been right all season long. He says the past episodes have all been character driven drivel. He rips Cyborgs face off the Doom Patrol ad. He even promises we will be getting more superheroes doing superhero stuff! Can’t wait!

Do you agree with us that we have sat through enough backstory and should start seeing the Doom Patrol start doing heroic things to stop Mr Nobody? Let us know in the comments.

We have also added a Google Voice number where you can call and leave us your thoughts.  If they are good, we will use them on the show.  The number is (575) 323-1332.


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