Crimes of Grindelwald

The Harry Potter series captivated the audience and made people believe in magic. We got to see our hero go from an unsuspecting Muggle to a full fledged wizard that is able to take on the evil villain in the end and triumph.

Watching the last Harry Potter movie was a bittersweet experience. We got closure for all the (very thick) books leading up to the final showdown. The bitter part came with the realization we would not be visiting Hogwarts again after the final book/movie…. or would we?

Fantastic Beasts set us up for another big run of movies. These movies are set prior to the events of the original Harry Potter series. They follow the magizoologist, Newt Scamander. You may recognize that name from one of the books Harry was required to read while at Hogwarts.

Newt is the author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, a text book on all sorts of magical creatures. The Fantastic Beasts movies join Mr. Scamander while he is still travelling abroad researching subjects for his book. Unfortunately for him, this is the around the same time Gellert Grindelwald is rising to power.

Grindelwald wants to all wizards to be pureblood. He doesn’t like the wizarding world hiding from non-mag’s. This puts him in direct confrontation with his best friend, Albus Dumbledore. Albus has recruited Newt to aid in the fight against Grindelwald. At the end of this movie run we will see Albus and Gellert face-off in a wizard’s duel to decide the future of wizarding.

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