Cat Tower

Meow, it’s time for another board game blog!

Today we’re going to have a look at “Cat Tower” by Aza Chen and IDW Games.

Cat Tower

In the game you are trying to be the first person to get rid of all the cat cards in your hand. Each player starts with seven cards. On your turn you will roll the die, and depending on what you roll will then take one of the cat cards from your hand and add it to the tower.

Tower of Cats

Sounds simple right? Wrong! This is a dexterity game, you must be very careful how you stack your cat, and with the added challenge of the die roll, you may have to do things like place cats upside down, add catty fatty cards and more. The game does give a slight advantage to younger players, as they will always be able to go first. Since everyone is playing cards into the same tower, it can become precarious very quickly (think reverse Jenga), and if you topple the tower you must take cards back to your hand and start a new tower.


The game comes with a lot of components, 42 stacking cats, 12 fatty cats, 16 fatty cat tokens, 1 over-sized die, 1 easy to read rule book, and the ridiculously adorable box.

There is even a variant game in which players attempt to build there own tower the fastest, while playing at the same time, and then must put the big wooden die on top with the fish side up (because happy cats love fish).

What really shines in this game is the supremely cute cat cards. Designer Aza Chen is also the artist on the game, and it oozes adorableness.

Cat Cards

It plays 2-5 players, and retails at $19.99. You can find more information here: IDW Games: Cat Tower

I give it 7 Fish loving felines out of 7.

Until next time, keep playing games, and don’t topple the tower!

-Trevor L. Cooper

More Info: Cat Tower at BGG

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