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Today we are going to take a look at “Boss Monster” by Johnny O’Neal, Chris O’Neal, and Brotherwise Games.

Boss Monster

This is a competitive game for 2-4 players, in which, you are playing as the Boss Monster who is building a dungeon to try and lure heroes into it in the attempt to kill them and gain their souls.

You begin the game by selecting a Boss, drawing 5 room cards, and 2 spell cards, then discarding your choice of 2 cards. Then you setup the hero deck by taking out any heroes (and epic heroes) with more than the player number (dictated at the bottom). Shuffle both hero decks and place the regular heroes on top of the epic heroes.

Boss Monsters

You then play a number of heroes into the center of the table equal to the number of players, this forms the “town”. Then in XP order (noted on the bottom left of your Boss card) each player selects a room card and “builds” it face down to the left of their respective monster. Then each player reveals their selected room card simultaneously.

Cleric Room Cards Thief Room Cards Mage Room Cards Fighter Room Cards

There are four different symbols on the bottom right corner of the room cards that are used to “bait” heroes to your dungeon (gold bags for thieves, spell books for mages, swords for fighters, and holly symbols for clerics). Your boss also has one of these four symbols, giving you a possible advantage when luring heroes to your dungeon.

After you have finished setup, the game begins by playing over a number of “phases”. The hero phase (draw a number of heroes into the center of the table equal to the number of players, do not do this on the first turn, as you should already have heroes in at the games beginning),the draw phase (by drawing a room card), the build phase (each monster in turn order plays a room card face down, once done, the players reveal, and apply any “when you build this room” effects on the card), the bait phase (in which, heroes are drawn to a players dungeon with the most matching attraction symbols, as dictated above, in the case of a tie, the hero stays in town), the adventure phase (moving heroes through your dungeon in turn order, attempting to defeat them, by dealing damage dictated on the bottom left of the room card, if they die before they reach your monster, you flip the card over and collect their soul, if not, they stay face up and you gain a wound), and the end phase (reactivate any deactivated rooms, and check for wounds/souls collected by each player).

Cleric Heroes Thief Heroes Mage Heroes Fighter Heroes

You may only have a maximum of 5 rooms in your dungeon, when you build your fifth room your boss gets to “Level Up” taking a unique ability specific to your monster. You may build a standard room in, or over top of, any of the available spaces in your dungeon (including advanced rooms). There are also advanced rooms that can be built over top of any existing room in your dungeon, provided that the advanced room shares a bait symbol with the room it is being built on top of.

Advanced Room Cards

There are also spell cards which can be played during either the build or adventure phase (or both, as dictated at the bottom of the spell), these cards will allow you to do special things like making your dungeon more powerful, or even attempt to foil another players plans.

Spell Cards

The heroes life is located on the bottom left of their card, and if you deal damage equal to, or greater than, their life total, they die and you gain them as a soul. If not, you gain a wound. If you receive 5 wounds, you are out of the game, but the first player to receive 10 souls wins! But be careful, once the ordinary heroes are gone, you face the deadlier epic heroes, each worth 2 souls if defeated, or 2 wounds if not.

Epic Heroes More Epic Heroes

And that’s “Boss Monster”! The game retails for $24.99 and is out now. The game comes with 8 boss cards, 75 room cards, 31 spell cards, 25 hero cards, 16 epic hero cards, rule book, and quick start guide.


There is also the standalone expansion “Boss Monster 2” for $24.99, adding more deadly rooms, heroes, spells, and monsters. And the “Tools of Hero Kind” expansion for $9.99, which adds a new tool card mechanic, giving heroes special abilities. Which, if defeated, can give your monster new abilities as well. You can check it out here: Brotherwise Games: Boss Monster

All in all I give it 3 princesses in another castle out of 5!

Until next time, keep playing games, and remember “I am bad, and that’s good! I will never be good, and that’s not bad.”

-Trevor L. Cooper

More Info: Boss Monster at BGG

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