Atomic Mass Games announced their newest miniature game at Gen Con.  Marvel Comics fans will be pleased to hear it is set in the Marvel Comics Universe. Marvel: Crisis Protocol uses highly detailed plastic miniatures of some of the greatest Marvel Comics heroes and villains.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol is a miniatures game set in the Marvel Universe.  The core box includes 10 miniatures that need to be assembled.  The miniatures are unpainted so you can customize their color scheme to your liking.  It also has some terrain pieces, basic rule set, cards, and tokens needed to play the game. The minis that will be released in the core box are Ultron, Captain America, Crossbones, Iron Man, Doctor Octopus (Doc Ock to his friends), Spider-man, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Red Skull, and Baron Zemo.
Monthly expansion packs are planned for release.  There will be multiple costumes for different Marvel characters allowing you to play your favorite version of the character.  Players choose characters to form their ultimate Marvel team of heroes and/or villains.  Players spend a resource (power) to perform actions or team up moves.  One really cool thing is the terrain is interactive.  That means the characters can move, throw, or manipulate the terrain to their advantage.
The release dates for the core set and expansions are below.
  • October 2019 – Core set
  • November 2019 – The Green Goblin Set
  • December 2019 – Captain America (Steve Rogers) Set
  • January 2020 – Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) Set
  • February 2020 – The Wrecking Crew Scenario

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