Zenescope New Releases 11/09/2016


Cover A by Ian Richardson | Hedwin Zaldivar

Death Force #6

With his enemies defeated, it’s time for Rick Murphy to pay Death his due. But Rick has not lived up to his end of the bargain as Death Force, and Death is not one to take being disobeyed lightly. Now Death Force must battle the very enemy that controls his power, and all that hangs in the balance is Missy’s innocent soul.

Written by Joe Brusha
Artwork by Marc Rosete
Colors by Walter Pereyra


Cover B by Pantalena |  Prianto


Cover C by Meguro


Cover D by Hill |Cortes


Cover A by Sean Chen | Ivan Nunes

 Robyn Hood: I Love NY #6

The NYPD haul Robyn in for questioning during a murder investigation. All signs point to foul play involving the city’s most notorious outlaw, and sometimes hero. But when the station house itself is threatened, old prejudices and suspicions must be set aside to prevent a tragedy for the city that both Robyn and the police are sworn to protect.

Written by Lou Iovino
Artwork by Sergio Ariño
Colors by Grostieta


Cover B by Matt Triano


Cover C by Reyes | de la Cruz


Cover D by Ariño | Grostieta

Upcoming FOC Titles

On Shelves Date: 12.14.2016

Cinderella: Serial Killer Princess #1

Once a loyal servant to the Dark Horde, Cindy turned her back on it to help save the world. And all she got for her trouble was a brutal death. Now Cindy is back with a thirst for blood… and not a single hero in the Grimm Universe will be left alive.

Spirit Hunters #2

The Spirit Hunters team investigates a mysterious death at a traveling carnival that is surrounded by the rumors of a vengeful spirit, and it’s not long before the team realizes that they are trapped in a fun-house of horror, from which there may be no escape.

cinderella spirit-hunter

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