LC3 welcomes Toni Darling

Toni Darling will be doing something unique at Las Cruces Comic Con.  She will be hosting a Cosplay Lounge.  What this means is she will have a place in her booth for fans to come, sit down, and talk to her about cosplay, comics, games, or whatever comes up in conversation.  She will also have some of her outfits on display to talk about.  This a a very cool idea and we are happy she is offering this for Las Cruces Comic Con attendees.

Toni Darling is an entrepreneur, spokesmodel, gamer, cosplayer, co-owner of Hero Elements, and professional geek. She enjoys creating costumes, long walks on the beach, over-head squats, and destroying unsuspecting innocents at card games.

Other interests: Vikings, Lifting, Kickboxing, Star Trek, GoT, LoTR, Battlestar Galactica, Bleach, really girly vampire drama anime, making music, The Walking Dead, too many comics to name, Thor….. the list really goes on and on and on and on and on….

Toni Darling will be at Las Cruces Comic Con Saturday and Sunday.

Toni Darling

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