Las Cruces Comic Con 2014 Jason Ybarra panel

Las Cruces Comic Con 2014 Jason Ybarra panel.
Jason became a movie extra in June 1994 and was sent to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.After a week of being an extra, during which time the first Red,Yellow, and Black rangers were let go due to money issues, Jason was offered a small part as a stunt person. As he was coming out of the dressing room in the Baboo costume, the producer saw him wearing it and asked him why he had it on.Upon hearing the explanation, the producer quickly offered him a stunt position as 2nd Red Ranger,Baboo and various other monsters. Then in 2004 the show was bought by Disney and moved to New Zealand, leaving Jason and the remaining cast and crew to go off into other ventures.Jason has made appearances on many TV shows and movies since then.These days Jason divides his time between stunt work and craft service in the industry.

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