El Paso Comic Con 2017 Commercial

This is the extended version of the TV commercial for El Paso Comic Con. It will start airing next week on ComCast.

A few thanks are in order.

A HUGE thanks to all the fans who supported El Paso Comic Con last year. People doubted El Paso would support a bigger comic con. The community proved them wrong. Without you guys behind us last year 2017 wouldn’t be possible.

Thanks to those who will be attending for the first time in 2017. We need new fans if we want to keep growing (and we do). Having more attendees allows us to bring in more featured guests, have cool business partners (Alamo Drafthouse, Dave & Buster’s, Deadbeach Brewery), and provide more entertainment for you.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at El Paso Comic Con 2017!




The Flash (Jay Garrick) – BRANDON ABEYTA

Captain America Fangirl – LYDIA KESATIE

Production Sound Recorder – SAMI GEGOUX

Storyboard Supervisor – SARAH PETERSON

Key Grip (Light Diffuser) – JONNY ALEXANDER

Flash Wardrobe (Shirt) – ANA RUIZ

Announcer Voice – SAMI GEGOUX

Directed, Written, Edited, and Filmed by Josh Pulido

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