Dark Art Komics is ready for El Paso Comic Con

Daniel Thomas (Creator and Artist):

Dan has been drawing and creating since his kindergarten years.  Originally from the Midwest, (Edwardsville, IL- just east of St. Louis, MO) he eventually found his way to Arizona.  Spending most of his 20’s as a first responder in AZ law enforcement, Dan did not have much free time to draw and create.  He eventually exited law enforcement and completed his undergraduate degree with a pre-med focus.  During Anatomy & Physiology, he had to draw a life-sized representation of the musculoskeletal system.  This brought back his desire to create, ten-fold. Several years later, in 2015, Dan launched his line of fan art under “Fan Art by DTK, LLC” with his first ever vendor booth at LC3 2015 (Las Cruces Comic-Con).

From that point forward it has been non-stop conventions and creation in the southwest area.

Currently based in Las Cruces, NM Dan is able to get his artwork out there for attendees at multiple conventions in AZ, NM and TX as well as online.  In January of 2016, Dan formed “Dark arT Kreations” to focus on truly unique/original artwork in addition to “fan art” pieces.  In June, 2016 Dan is launching a new indie cyberpunk comic (Dark Art Komics- ‘The Subvert Chronicles’) that he co-created with writer D.L. Jones.  Dark Art Komics is proud to release a special, signed, limited edition and numbered pre-launch 11×17 print and metal trading card available only at EPCON.

D.L. Jones (Creator and Writer):

D.L. Jones has been a fan of all things geek since childhood. His love of writing and storytelling stems from his many years of playing tabletop games, and ‘The Subvert Chronicles’ is his first foray into the professional realm. His style has a wide range of influences, from classic works of literature to modern independent musical acts. He lives in Phoenix, AZ with his beautiful wife (who, let’s be honest, is way out of his league), his amazing son (who will undoubtedly be America’s first leading-Hollywood-man-rock star-scientist voted unanimously as President), and their two fur-babies (you would just call them dogs, but these people are weird).

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