Transformers Last Knight

Transformers: The Last Knight movie review

Jack and I watched Transformers: The Last Knight and we have very different reviews of the movie. We poll the audience to get their reactions to the movie as well….

Dark Days Forge

DC Comics Batman Dark Days Forge

Everyone knows Batman is always thinking several steps in advance. In the new Dark Days: The Forge comic we see just how deep and wide Batman’s strategy planning goes. *Spoilers…

Doomsday Clock

DC Comics Doomsday Clock to answer questions

Ever since Geoff Johns started DC Comics on their path to the Rebirth event, a lot of questions have been presented with very few answers. First we had Wally West…

Crispin Glover cover

Crispin Glover at Alamo Drafthouse recap

When I heard Crispin Glover was traveling the country promoting his books and movies I was intrigued.  When I found out he would be at the Alamo Drafthouse as part…

Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance on Netflix

I was always a big Jim Henson fan growing up.  I never missed the Muppet Show and I loved all the movies.  Dark Crystal and Labyrinth were among my favorite…