Zia Comics – Your Business Promotion Partner

Zia Comics is user friendly and easy to navigate. Zia Comics uses a responsive design template allowing the site to be viewed in response to the size of the device being used.  Fast online ad creation, production, and placement will get your business in front of potential customers.

Tel: 1-575-405-0461

Our Reach

Zia Comics reaches a large audience of pop-culture enthusiasts.  With a total social media following of over 45,000 your ad will be seen and shared amongst a targeted demographic of pop-culture enthusiasts.  Zia Comics produces a weekly pop-culture video titled “Talk Nerdy to Me” and a weekly board game instructional video titled “Talkin’ Table Top”.  These videos are uploaded to the Zia Comics YouTube channel as well as shared on our associated social media channels.  These weekly videos are also featured on the El Paso Herald Post Lifestyle section.

Advertise With Us

Zia Comics offers many ways to advertise your business.  This list is not set in stone.  If you have a suggestion contact us and we will discuss it.

Sidebar banner – $75/month have your ad appear in the sidebar of ziacomics.com.  max width of banner is 300 pixels.

Business mentioned in video – $100/month your business will be mentioned in one of our videos. Bullet points provided by you. The videos exist on YouTube forever.

Banner in newsletter – $25/month your ad will appear in one of our newsletters. The newsletter has thousands of subscribers.

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram blast – $25/month your ad will be pushed through our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels.

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